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Tricks to Teach your Pit Bull

Tricks to Teach your Pit Bull  
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Tricks to Teach your Pit Bull

Once your Pit Bull is familiar with basic practical commands, he will be ready to learn some more fun and flashy tricks. Tricks such as "Roll over," "Play dead," "Shake hands," "Catch," and" Speak" that will sure to impress your friends and everybody who catches sight of your Pit Bull performing such tricks. These Pit Bull tricks are simple and easy to teach using the same concepts used in basic command training.

Keep in mind that when training Pit Bull tricks, you need to teach your Pit Bull to do these tricks on demand. Be patient, be creative, and above all, make sure that you and your Pit Bull are having fun in the process.

1. Roll over: To teach your Pit Bull to roll over, start by telling him to lie down, and then say "roll over" while luring him on his side with a treat. Once he is familiar with rolling on his side, use the treat to lead him onto his back. Lead him the rest of the way, eventually giving the treat only when he is has rolled all of the way over.

2. Play dead: Teach your Pit Bull how to play dead by teaching him to lie down from a standing position. Start by guiding him with his favorite treat. Make him drop quickly in order to get it. As soon as he is in the down position, lure him over on his side, requiring him to stay down for longer periods before giving the treat. To get his head down, try placing the treat on the floor and not give it unless he places his head low. You may have to use your hand to give him a little help.

3. Shake hands: In teaching this trick, the first thing that you need to do is to command your Pit Bull to "sit." Then say "shake" and hold a treat in your closed hand in front of your dog. Most dogs will pick up a foot and paw at your hand to get the treat. However, some dogs need a little nudge on the leg. You can also lure his head to one side which makes him lift the leg up on the opposite side. Reward him as soon as his paw leaves the ground. Once he is familiar with this trick, have him lift his leg higher and longer.

4. Catch: Teach your Pit Bull how to catch by tossing a ball or a treat in a high arc over his face, making it land just behind his nose. If your Pit bull refuses to catch the ball, pick it up before he tries to grab it. Your Pit Bull will eventually figure out that in order for him to beat you to the treat, he will have to grab it before it reaches the ground. A word of warning, though - do not try this technique with a Pit Bull that has a tendency to be possessive of his food.

5. Speak: This trick can be taught by saying "speak" when it appears as if your Pit Bull is about to bark, followed by a trick. Do not reward the barking unless you have first said "speak."
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