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Traveling With Your Pit Bull Dog

Traveling With Your Pit Bull Dog  
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Pit Bull Dogs and Traveling

Pit Bull dogs absolutely love being outdoors and active most of the time. They are up for just about anything, especially being able to hop in the car with it's owner and hit the road for some action. In fact, Pit Bull dogs make great road pals.

While Pit Bull dogs make great travel buddies who will listen to everything you say, be excited about the trip, and are eager to play, planning ahead of time before traveling with your dog is necessary.

Pit Bull dogs must be comfortable and have plenty of room to enjoy the drive. If you are traveling in your car with your Pit Bull dog, have you considered whether you have enough room for the dog? If you plan on bringing a cage for her to travel in, is the cage itself big enough?

If you are indeed having your Pit Bull dog sit in its cage during the drive, does she behave the entire time? What will you do with your dog if you make short stops for food, the bathroom, or to shop somewhere? Keep these questions in mind each and every time you plan on taking your dog out for a drive.

In addition, remember that while you are out you cannot tie your Pit Bull dog to another car or a pole, you cannot leave your dog in the car if the weather is really hot, and you in most cases you cannot bring the dog with you if you are planning on stopping somewhere indoors.

Some Pit Bull dog owners often ask why they cannot leave their dog in the car if their windows are rolled down. The answer lies in the harmful intent that some dog thieves may have. Now if your Pit Bull dog is extremely tough looking and scary, this may be enough to ward off dog thieves, but otherwise it could be an invite for someone who really is looking to steal a dog while the owner is obviously not around.

But what about if your Pit Bull dog is locked inside a cage, can you still keep the windows rolled down without worrying about a dog thief that may steal your dog? While having a cage with your Pit Bull dog locked inside may seem totally safe, you may want to also consider padlocking the cage to the inside of your car as well.

Last but not least, please refrain from just tying your dog to the inside of your car with the windows rolled down. If your Pit Bull dog is an overly excited dog and tries to scramble out of the window, then there is a great risk of the dog choking himself in the process. Many dogs have been found hanging limp outside of the car window because of being tied up inside and jumping out only to choke themselves.

What a tragedy!

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