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Train Your Pit Bull to Sit and Stay

Train Your Pit Bull to Sit and Stay  
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Train Your Pit Bull to Sit and Stay

If you've already taught your Pit Bull has to follow the command "come," he is ready for his next command. Another very useful behavior that you can teach your dog is to learn how to sit. "Sit" is one of the simplest tricks to teach. Learning this behavior is vital because it is an effective way to control your dog and also help you set the foundation for other training to follow.

It is very easy to teach your Pit Bull how to sit. How? Stand right in front of him while holding a treat slightly above his eye level. Say "sit" and then move the treat closer to him until it is just above his eyes. You may have to put your other hand on his rump to prevent him from jumping up. If he takes a step back instead of sitting down, place his rear against a wall. When he begins to look up and bend his hind legs, say "good" and then give him the treat. Repeat this process again. Have him bend his legs more and more this time until he is in a full "sit" position before saying "good" and giving him the treat.

Once your Pit Bull knows how to "sit," he then needs to learn how to remain in the sitting position for as long as necessary. The way to do this is to teach him to "stay," which is another very useful command that you can teach your dog.

Dogs have a dangerous habit of running off through open doors, whether from the house or from a car. It is very important to teach your dog to sit and stay until you give him the signal that it is ok to get back up. Only then can he walk through the door or exit the car.

Get your dog to sit and then say "stay" in a calm and soothing voice. If he tries to get up or lie down, immediately gently place him back into position. Have him maintain the position for a few seconds and then give the release word "ok." Do not forget to praise and give him his favorite treat for doing a great job.

Repeat the process again, gradually increasing the amount of time that he has to sit and stay. However, do not ask your Pit Bull puppy to stay longer than 30 seconds. The goal is to let your pet succeed, not push him to the limit. Remember to be patient and to increase time and distance in small increments.

Avoid staring into your dog's eyes if you think that it will help him to focus his attention on you. Doing so only creates the opposite effect. Your dog will sense the staring as a threat and can be intimidating.
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