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Selecting the Best Pit Bull Puppy from the Litter

Selecting the Best Pit Bull Puppy from the Litter  
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Selecting Your Pit Bull Puppy from the Litter

If you have chosen to add a baby Pit Bull to your family, you have probably taken your time, searched high and low, and finally found a number of good breeders who have perfect lovable litters for you to select from. Most likely, you have learned about the history of the Pit Bull, its characteristics, as well as the unfair controversies which seem to surround the Pit Bull. So now comes the dilemma - which puppy should you select?

When deciding which Pit Bull puppy to pick out of the litter, try to choose the one with the best parents and grandparents you can find. Keep in mind that although all Pit Bull puppies look extremely cute, their faces do change as they turn into adults. If looks are important to you, be sure that the breeder has the look that you like. You can determine how the puppies would look like as adults by looking at their parents and grandparents.

Consider the basic features of a good Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are very strong and athletic dogs. The puppy of your choice should display strength, vigor, speed, and energy. Watching how the parents act will give you a good idea of the puppy's potential temperament. If the parents show signs of curiosity, enthusiasm, and positive energy, their puppies will more likely develop the same traits. In addition, if the parents and/or grandparents have been living long, healthy lives, the puppies will also have a very good chance of enjoying a long lifespan.

Observe how each puppy behaves with the rest of the litter. Bossy Pit Bull puppies are prone to become dominant adults. On the other hand, puppies that act submissive are likely to grow up into insecure adults. Choose the one with a temperament that falls somewhere in between the two extremes. The puppy that curiously comes to greet you with excitement and follows you around is a probable choice. If the puppy doesn't resist to being held and stays relaxed while you lift him up should be the perfect puppy for you.

Both Pit Bull males and females make equally good pets. Males are a little larger than the females. Left to their own devices, some males may attempt to mark their territory inside your house by urinating on your walls and furniture. Obviously this behavior needs to be curbed immediately.  And because they are genetically inclined to aggressive behavior with other dogs, males tend to fight with other male dogs, especially with another male Pit Bull. Female Pit Bulls also have the tendency to fight with each other, but are less likely to do so. Female Pit Bulls experience what is called "estrus" or heat cycle, twice a year. Estrus lasts for three weeks, although spaying (neutering) stops this.

All Pit Bull puppies look adorable. You need to spend time with as many puppies as you can so in order to see the differences in their personalities and to select the best Pit Bull puppy for you.

Training Your Pit Bull Puppy



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