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Pit Bull Training

Pit Bull Training  
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Pit Bull Training

Pit Bull training is absolutely essential if you are going to raise you Pit Bull from a newborn puppy to a fully active and cooperative adult dog. Of course all dogs should be trained by their owners but when you own a Pit Bull, training is vital in order to keep him well mannered and non-aggressive around other people and animals.

While there are many forms of Pit Bull Training, we only advocate positive training that does not put harm or aggression in your dog like many negative Pit Bull training techniques tend to do. Below are a few suggestions that will help aid you in training your dog:

1. Do not use confusion in your Pit Bull training. In other words, keep consistency when teaching your Pit Bull new tricks and obedience. Nothing confuses a dog more than changing up the rules every day. For example, if you feed your dog from your dining table for "just this one time" but then yell at her when she attempts to do it again, then this type of Pit Bull training confusion can cause a slow training progression.

2. Never hurt your dog when giving Pit Bull training. Using violent Pit Bull training techniques have absolutely no place in training your lovable family member. Do not use such techniques like choking your dog, or striking him. Yes many dog owners out there use such harmful ways of training their dogs but these trainers are lacking the essential positive fundamental knowledge of being close with their Pit Bull dogs.

3. Do not use the same commands at you do in your Pit Bull training as you would in normal, everyday situations. For example, if you have taught your Pit Bull that "down" means to "lie down" then do not expect her to understand you if you are telling her "down" if she is on the couch or something. Pit Bulls take your commands literally.

4. Initiate Pit Bull training at the right time each day where all circumstances for a good training session are happening. For example, your Pit Bull will work much better if her stomach isn't full from eating. So to counter this make sure that you start the training session long after her last meal has digested. Another way to ensure a decent Pit Bull training session is to make sure that you dog is not too hot or tired. If your dog is having a bad day, then simply stop and start again another time.



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