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Pit Bull Terrier Body Language - What it Means

Pit Bull Terrier Body Language - What it Means  
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Pit Bull Terrier Body Language - What it Means

The Pit Bull Terrier has to be one of the smartest breed of dog in existence today. Not only are they strong and resilient animals, but they are also extremely attentive and willing to learn new and exciting things each day. You should learn how to read your Pit Bull's body language as best as possible.

Whenever you say something to your Pit Bull Terrier it is automatically trying hard to understand what you are saying. Whenever you say something to your Pit Bull Terrier and you will notice that her ears will prick up, her head will moved to a cocked position, and her neck will swing in the direction of your voice.

She is trying hard to decipher your words. She wants to know what you are saying. Not only does your Pit Bull Terrier try her very hardest to understand you, but she also tries to talk with you in her own little way.

As the proud owner of a Pit Bull Terrier you need to learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and that means becoming educated on understanding what your Pit Bull Terrier is trying to say.

As much as Pit Bulls are domesticated, their language stems from the ancestral language of wolves. Below are a few tips to help you understand your Pit Bull Terrier better:

1. When the tail is wagging and the head is lowered upon the owner's approach, this is typical of a Pit Bull Terrier showing signs of submission.

2. When your Pit Bull Terrier yawns it is typically a sign of him being nervous. If there is additional drooling and panting then this would be considered a sign of extreme nervousness.

3. If your Pit Bull Terrier is being severely submissive, then he will show signs of a lowered body with a tucked rear, possible rolling over, and with a slight amount of urination.

4. If the teeth are exposed and the dog has raised hackles, upright posture, and a direct stare, then your Pit Bull Terrier is showing signs of aggressive behavior and total dominance.

5. Pit Bull Terriers will invite you to play with them if their elbows are on the ground with the dog's rear in the air. It is called the classic "play-bow" position.

So there you have it - a brief summary of how to interpret Pit Bull Terrier body language. Whether you have your own Pit Bull Terrier or are considering buying one, or you know someone with a Pit Bull Terrier, these tips should help you interract with the Pit Bull Terrier in your life more successfully.

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