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Is a Pit Bull Right for You?

Is a Pit Bull Right for You?  
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Is a Pit Bull Terrier Right for You?

If you are thinking about owning a Pit Bull Terrier, then you have to consider your present as well as your future circumstances. Taking care of a Pit Bull Terrier is a lifetime commitment of at least thirteen years. It is not just a simple hobby that you do when you have an extra time and energy for it.

The sad truth is that it is very hard enough for most adult dogs to find a second home; and because of their reputation and discrimination, the situation is even more dismal for adult Pit Bull Terriers.

You need to ask yourself if you have the strength and stamina to handle a strong dog that loves to play a lot and needs plenty of exercise. Pit Bull Terriers are a very enthusiastic and curious breed. They need to be able to get lots of exercise for their bodies as well as their minds and their sense of humor.

An ideal Pit Bull Terrier owner should have the same sense of fun and adventure to share with this daring and carefree breed. So whether it is a day at the beach playing catch, a relaxing stroll in the park, or a brisk jog around the neighborhood, if you think it is fun and it involves some sort of activity, chances are your Pit Bull Terrier will enjoy it too.

But if the idea of getting up and engaging in some vigorous activity is not something that you would enjoy, if you are the type of person who would rather sit down and relax, or if you just do not have the time nor the energy to take your dog out for a walk, than you need to think twice about taking home an energetic Pit Bull Terrier.

Your Pit Bull Terrier needs an invigorating and physical workout as well as mental workout. If dog training is just a nice option for some breeds, it is a definite requirement for Pit Bull Terriers. Pit Bull Terriers are very intelligent dogs and need to be mentally stimulated.

And because they are very intelligent and very creative, Pit Bull Terriers often get into trouble, though relatively harmless and rather cute if you share the same sense of humor that they have. They are a very powerful, very smart, and very active breed who need a strong and experienced leader to train and guide them.

A poorly trained Pit Bull Terrier is what gives people the preconceived notion that Pit Bulls are bloodthirsty beasts who will maul at anything and everything that crosses their paths. On the other hand, a well trained Pit Bull Terrier will show those people that they are being misjudged and that they really are kind and gentle breed.

Training Your Pit Bull Terrier




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