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Dog Health Articles

Dog Health Articles  
Dog Articles

Dog Health Articles

Whipworm - the Facts
Whipworm is a dog parasite which is not as well known as other types of dog worms. But it's a definite danger to your dog's health.

Heartworms - What They Are
Information on what heartworms are, how they can infect your dog, and what to do to prevent and/or treat this life threatening parasite

Why Ticks are Dangerous to the Health of Your Dog
Ticks llive in vegetation, but love to attach themselves to your dog and feed on your dog's blood. What steps can you take to reduce the risk to your dog?

Tapeworms - Treatment and Prevention of Dog Tapeworm and Hydatids
Tapeworm is one of the more sinister dog parasites, as it can lead to Hydatids - a disease which infects humans.

Roundworms are Infectious for Your Family as Well as Your Dog
Roundworms can easily be caught by members of your family, especially children, or anyone who comes into contact with a dog that has this dog parasite.

Roundworms - Prevention and Treatment
How to prevent Roundworm, and how to treat it if your dog becomes infested with this dog parasite

How to recognize and treat ringworm in your dog

Protecting Your Dog from Heartworm
Heartworm is a serious condition which can be fatal. And it's a relatively easy process to protect your dog from this dangerous dog parasite.

Recognizing and Preventing Dog Flea Infestations on Your Dog
Fleas on your dog can be very annoying for your dog - and in some cases cause severe irritation and allergies. Here's what to do ...

Prevent Dog Fleas Naturally
Natural flea prevention can be a reality - learn how.

Natural Heartworm Prevention and Treatment
Heartworm is a Serious Condition Which Can be Treated, and Prevented, Naturally

Hookworms Can Be a Serious Threat to Your Dog's Health
What to do to avoid hookworms, or to treat them if your dog becomes infested

Heartworm in Dogs - How to Prevent this Dangerous Dog Parasite
Heartworm can kill your dog - why it's so very important to prevent and control heartworm in your dog

Dog Worms
Information on Tapeworm, Roundworm, Hookworm and Whipworm

Dog Ticks - What Dog Ticks Are, and How to Treat Them
Preventing Dog Ticks is Preferable to Treating Ticks on Your Dog - and Your Dog Will Thank You for It!

Dog Lice Can Cause Severe Irritation and Illness in Your Dog
What are Dog Lice? How Can They Be Prevented?

Dog Flea Treatments - And Why It's Better to Prevent Fleas in the First Place!
Preventing Fleas on Your Dog is a Better Alternatives Than Having to Treat a Flea Ridden Dog

Dog Ear Mites - the Facts
Facts About Dog Ear Mites and How to Avoid Them

Mites and Demodectic Mange
How Mites Cause Demodectic Mange in Your Dog, and What You Can Do About It

Canine Scabies - Sarcoptic Mange - What It Is and How to Prevent and Treat It
How to Prevent and/or Treat Sarcoptic Mange, or Canine Scabies

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Lyme Disease and How to Treat Lyme Disease in Dogs
Signs and Symptoms of Dog Lyme Disease and How to Treat Lyme Disease in Dogs

Exercise for Your Dog Must Include Dog Walking
Dog Walking - It's Wonderful Exercise for Both You and Your Dog

Common Signs of Dog Skin Problems
Common Signs of Dog Skin Problems and How to Treat Them

Dog Mites are a Dog Skin Problem Your Dog Can Do Without!
Dog Mites - Also Known as "Mange" - Can Cause Problems for Your Dog

Dog Skin Allergies and Other Dog Skin Problems
Dog Skin Allergies and Other Dog Skin Problems

Worm Control is a Dog Health Problem That Should Not Be Ignored
Parasite Infestation in Your Dog Can Be a Major Problem - Preventing Dog Worms is the Best Way

Natural Holistic Dog Health
Caring for Your Dog with Natural Dog Health Methods

Your Dog Needs Exercise - But Just How Much Dog Exercise is Needed?
Dog Exercise Amount is Dependant Upon Dog Breed, Dog Age, and Dog Energy Levels

Dog Ear Problems and How to Prevent Them
Cleaning Your Dog's Ears and Preventing Dog Ear Problems

Rabies - A Serious Dog Disease
Rabies is a Serious Dog Disease - the Facts



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